Products and trades SPIT PASLODE

Products and trades

Thanks to our knowledge of fastening solutions and our know-how, today we are present in all building trades: structural work (roofing, external insulation, masonry, cladding) and second fixings (plasterboard partitions, nailing electrician, light fixtures, railing, curtain wall, finishing nailing). We offer a complete range of fastening systems:

- Multi-material nailing: a range of products that adapt to all types of materials (concrete, steel, and wood).
- Fixings: resins and mechanical fixings (heavy and light duty). Most of our anchors benefit from product certification.
- Portable: speed, efficiency, comfort and safety for all screwing, drilling, fixing and demolition work.
- Diamond: known for its performance and accuracy in heavy drilling.
- Screw/connector, electrician's collar, automated nailing
- i-Expert calculation software, specially developed for the dimensioning of fixings and answering all on site problems.


                                                                        IM90Ci                                                         Pulsa 800P                                                SPIT 353 SVC